Ephemeral Tree Study

This is just an experimentation with my camera, but it is a project I’ve been meaning to do for two years now.  After taking a Chinese Art History course at Agnes, I became more and more drawn to cherry blossom trees.  Chinese scholarly painters painted them on silk, with a scholar included in the composition and an overall misty atmosphere.  I specifically loved Ma Yuan’s works and have thought about them daily ever since.  I wanted to document this beautiful tree in our neighborhood as it first began to bloom, then turned pink and then snowed petals as the petals feel off the branches.  Cherry blossoms are only around for about two weeks so there is something magical about their ephemeral presence.  Therefore, I chose to photograph the tree when the blossoms had just turned and also when they had turned pink.  I still need to update these photographs with images of the tree with green leaves and no cherry blossom flowers, in order to show the final process of this blooming tree.  I also want to photograph them in the winter when all the leaves fall off, but that will have to wait until next year.  After years of thinking about what kind of tattoo I would get if I decided to get one, I found a cherry blossom branch to be the exact statement I wished to make upon my shoulder blade.  I have two open blossoms, which represent my two children, and the rest of the blooms are shut closed.  I wanted to create a visual metaphor for the ephemerality and beauty surrounding the birth of a new born child. I thought it appropriate to mention my tattoo because it shows up in some of the self-portraits/ portraits of Lennon and I. 🙂

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