Driving Mrs. Lullwater Daisy Cruisin’

This morning, I decided to take some photographs of something, which looked “cohesive” for my Art 160 project.  My Spanish class had just ended and while walking to my car, I spotted a possibility for that composition.  There was this gorgeous white dogwood tree positioned in front of the parking lot I was headed to.  The greenish middle part of the dogwood flower resembled my drawing and so, I took a photograph of it.  I was having trouble zooming in close enough to block out the entire view of the flower.  I wanted the greenish, bubbly middle blob to be the focus.  But I couldn’t zoom in and crop close enough.  It was also extremely windy and drizzling, so I tried to take the photograph as quickly as possible.  However, I couldn’t get the flower to stop moving and my camera isn’t that great!  Or, I should say, my camera is simple minded and gets confused easily.  Plus, the cloudy day didn’t help much in terms of lighting.

The rest of these photographs are ones in which I pulled over on Lullwater Drive to take photographs of.  If you have never driven down that street, you need to!  It is soooo beautiful!  It’s the street where they filmed the house in the film, Driving Miss Daisy. Not only are the trees and flowers breathtaking right now, but the old homes are incredibly charming as well.  Again, I tried to take unordinary photographs of these trees and their flowers to express and annunciate the antique charm of a tree.  Some of them are ordinary, but I wanted to generate some close-up images in case I ever decided to paint them.  I didn’t linger too long on Lullwater because I needed to get home.  Therefore, these are just a handful of what that street showcases.

As I pulled into my driveway, I spotted our Japanese Maple Tree.  Previously, I had taken photographs of this tree during the early stages of its blooming.  Today, the tree’s leaves were not quite in full bloom and I decided to take photographs of this in-between phase.  Some leaves have completely bloomed, while others have not.  Of 175 photographs, these are the ones I narrowed them down to.  I also want to add that I tried to include the power lines again in many of these compositions.  I stood behind a particular group of flowers and tried to shoot them so that their actual stems would appear “power line” like.  Hope you enjoy the show!

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