Tulip Trees Recap

I know I have already posted these on facebook and on my Art 160 blog, so I apologize to those re-reading or looking at these images.  This was pretty much the beginning of my photographic journey and I will no longer be posting all these photographs on facebook except via this blog.

My grandfather (who we call DanNanny) is always up to date with the latest technology in photography because he loves taking photographs.  I was over at his house one day visiting him and my grandmother, Grandmere.  I was talking about how I need to get a better camera since I now have kids to photograph.  And being the incredibly sweet and kind hearted DanNanny that he is, he told me I could have his camera.  Say what?!?!  I think it was probably a good excuse for him to get himself a more up-to-date camera, but he gave me a really nice Canon digital point and shoot camera.  It is the best and nicest camera I’ve ever owned (besides my SLR Canon from high school, which I gave to a friend because I thought I would never use it since digital was so popular… what was I THINKING?) and, naturally, my two year old Rush (at the time) broke it about a year later.  He got mad one day and saw it laying there on our wooden coffee table because I’m an idiot who forgot this one time to put it away.  He picked it up and threw it right at the coffee table.  It did not bust, thank god.  But it will not work.  I got a new battery for it to see if maybe that was the issue, but no.  It is broken.  Hopefully, it will be able to be repaired because I loved that camera.  It was my friend for awhile.

Moving on now to these photographs below.  Since my camera was broken, I had to use my husband’s waterproof digital camera.  He purchased this camera with the intention of taking it camping and backpacking.  It is great for taking photos outdoors on beautiful and clear sunny days, but terrible at taking photos indoors or at night.  However, I was working with it in any case because I needed some practice for this project.  Like I mentioned my previous post, I am an amateur using digital photography and PhotoShop so I didn’t necessarily care that these photos were “perfect.”  I am definitely a perfectionist so this flaw in my camera actually aided in producing some great photographs to work with and think about.  I wanted to take these pictures the day before when it was so beautiful outside, but my day was cut short when I had to pick up my son from daycare because he was sick.  The next day, even though my only opportunity was when the sun was just beginning to go down, I decided to go on a walk strolling my kids and photograph these beautiful tulip trees in our neighborhood.  Similar to the Agnes Scott campus trees, I had always wanted to photograph them but was sort of scared they wouldn’t turn out “good.”  Stupid.  I was upset that I didn’t quite catch them as the buds were first appearing, but I still managed to capture some really cool moments I had with the trees and the sunlight.  I also photographed numerous flowers and trees I passed along the way, so these are not all images of Tulip trees.

If you are wondering why I am choosing trees and flowers to photograph, it is because they are a subject of beauty and, therefore, of interest to most.  However, I didn’t want to capture their beauty alone, but also their presence on this earth as they sit in front of these houses day after day.  As I began to photograph, I found that most of the photos I was taking had power lines in them.  At first I was upset because I was hoping for poised photographs of beauty.  But the addition of the power lines really started making my mind race with thoughts and inspiration.  I am finding myself more and more drawn towards nature and natural products as I am becoming more aware of the destruction humanity is causing the earth and our bodies.

(SIDE NOTE: I had a thought in the grocery store the other day when I saw empty shelves in the produce section.  I began thinking about how we produce our food by machines and how most everything is imported.  I’m not even talking about organic here.  I just was thinking about how our world operates modernly and thought about what would happen if there was no market for fresh vegetables.  Would they become a failed product that would be taken off the shelves?  Might be an extreme thought but it was a stimulating thought about our fast-paced and oblivious society).

I tried to compose some of these photographs with the power lines interrupting the serenity of the composition; as if they are imposing upon our view and diverting our attention away from the tree.  I wanted to juxtapose the natural with the man-made and unnatural.  And in some, I tried to make the power lines more disguised within entanglement of branches and blooms.  It was just one thing I was toying with.  My husband’s camera sometimes creates this misty atmosphere within the photograph, when the sun is about to go down, because the sunlight reflects directly onto the camera lens.  I played around with that in the yellowish tree photographs.  In the other photographs, I was thinking about creating an intimate view, within the tangle of tree branches and blooms, so that I could grant certain blooms a voice and a vision.  I zoomed in and zoomed out and shot underneath for this experimentation.  Hope you enjoy the photographs and, again, feel free to comment if any strike you and let me know why!

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