Reflective Expression

Another experimentation with my camera…

In preparation for capturing “surrealist” photographs, I decided to play around with reflections and views, through my car window, as my husband and I drove home from an Avett Brothers concert.  While riding in the passenger seat, I was observing the highway road in juxtaposition to the beautiful scenery surrounding us.  A couple of weeks ago, my husband told me about a new Georgia law that just passed, which permits cutting down trees so that billboard advertisements can be more visible.  It makes me sad for the world that we allow this unnecessary destruction of habitats and trees.  Trees make it possible for us to live and breathe.  I don’t understand why we must destroy nature for some signage, when most GPSs and phones show you where crap is anyways.  Not to mention the eye sore as desolate land surrounds a tacky billboard.  Just make the billboards taller or the signs lower and brighter, right?  Anyways, I felt inspired by the surrealists to photograph the fleeting moment of photographing this nature vs. man theme.  I was also just playing around with reflections in general.  Below is a document of this experience.

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Let me know what you are thinking :)

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