Lennon in Pearls

Below is a rather feminine portrayal of Lennon in her pearls. 🙂  I tried to mess around with consumerism as well.  It’s interesting that, even though I have enough of Rush’s clothes for her to wear, I find the need to buy her pink, purple, and girlie outfits so that she’ll appear more like a “girl.”  Why do I do this?  Maybe because society tells me she should look and wear “girl” like clothes, just as I do myself.  What if Lennon really liked to dress in boy clothes?  Am I, as Lennon’s mother, constructing her identity as a female?  These are questions I was toying with in coming up with possible ideas for constructing photographs like the photographers that deal with gender issues.  I plan on composing another set of photographs that show Lennon in Rush’s clothes.  I also find myself wasting money, wasting in general and participating in mass consumerism.  I was thinking about Cindy Sherman and Catherine Opie while constructing these photographs, but I will elaborate more later.  Just some food for thought.

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Let me know what you are thinking :)

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