Surrealistic Lennon Portraits

Below is an attempt to convey my daughter Lennon through a surrealistic lens.  Utilizing what I’ve learned and read in class so far, I tried to compose photographs through an automatic writing inspired style of process.  I spontaneously photographed Lennon on multiple occasions, but I do not mean spontaneous as in the surrealistic and improvisational act of photographing.  I was spontaneous in the way I was choosing to frame and compose my compositions, while photographing images inspired by other photographers’ styles.  I would zoom in and zoom out as I followed Lennon playing around the room.  I feel as if a lot of surrealist photographers dealt in double, so I dabbled in that direction for some of these photographs.  I also feel as if a lot of surrealist photographs are manipulated either in the actual process, like Man Ray producing photographs without a camera, or in the layering of negatives to produce compiled compositions.  I manipulated the photographs through iPhoto and plan on maybe even using photo shop for the final ones I chose.  I used mirrors, fragmenting and doubling as I was photographing.   I also took some of these in the dark with a bright flash, while Lennon was playing around in her bathroom.  I’m not sure which direction I want to finalize my composition through for surrealism.  I don’t know if I want this surrealist photographic portrait to be more abstract; like in how I zoomed in on Lennon’s ear and immediately thought of a fetus on an ultrasound.  I then, therefore, manipulated the exposure to make it look more like an ultrasound.  But it was also originally photographed with a flash directly in front of her ear.  She didn’t particularly enjoy these bright flashes so if none of these work, I might venture in another direction.  However, a lot of these photographs reminded me of a fetus inside a mother’s womb, and it brought out a sense of nostalgia and desire to convey her in that light.  I feel as if I am drawn to many surrealist photographers and am struggling over which technique and photographer’s style to conceptualize Lennon through.  I felt compelled to include surrealistic photographic portrayals of Rush as well because he was feeling left out.  I don’t know why I chose to only focus on creating portraits of Lennon… but I think it stems from the fact that she was born 6 weeks premature and came home with a breathing and heart monitor.  I feel blessed and fortunate to have her in my life.  So in order to include Rush in this project on the side, I included him in these photographs below.  Please give any and all feedback.  I would greatly appreciate some critiquing advice!

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