A Little Cindy Sherman in Lennon’s Life

I know I already posted some Cindy Sherman-styled photographic portraits of Lennon, but they were paired with Catherine Opie so I decided to add a few by themselves.  These are mainly photographs attempting to portray a feminist perspective of how women in general are objectified, or are defined by the mass trends of our environment.  I tried to get portrait-like moments of Lennon playing naturally in certain settings, and then I tweaked the setting with objects from that environment.  For instance, Lennon was playing with a vacuum  and acting like she was vacuuming the playmats at Rush’s birthday party.  I decided to photograph that moment because it made me think of Cindy Sherman and her Untitled Film Stills, that portray objectified perspectives of women alluding to films such as Alfred Hitchcock.  I also toyed with positioning a “STOP” like barrier of space between the viewer and Lennon in various different ways.  One of them has a literal stop sign, and I was trying to make this photograph alert the viewer and manipulate the viewer into thinking more about the photograph.  I am struggling with a Cindy Sherman like style because I am not aware of her photographing any children.  The only books I have include self-portraits.  But I still think it is possible to convey Lennon in this style of portraiture because, as a mother, I am constantly wondering where identity first begins to evolve.  The environments and situations I place and surround my child within are always influencing her development as a person.  I feel as if Catherine Opie (I am referring to photographs of her daughter I saw in a book) and Cindy Sherman have a lot of similar goals and are just photographing from different viewpoints.  I included a “Sally Mann” photo op that made me think of Cindy Sherman, the one with a nude Lennon in shadow and barely visible but holding her hand out in a “stop” like gesture.  A few photographs i took also reminded me of “Psycho” and the anti-abortion ads that an artist produced (whose name I’m forgetting at the moment).  I’ll get back to you later with more photo-to-photo comparisons and correlations to the photographs in each of these styles I produce in comparison to actual photographs by the photographers I’m emulating.

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