Some Lacy Lennonade for You…

These photographs were meant to be invoking the style of Julia Margaret Cameron.  However, I think they are a composite of a few other photographers as well.  I had Catherine Opie in mind as well.  I wanted to orchestrate these photos by playing around with my wedding veil, which was also my mothers.  I thought the lace and veil would add a vintage, soft touch to the overall feeling of the compositions.  I also wanted to use it to reflect the lighting within the space, as Cameron’s photographs appear to play on.  I want the veil to act as a metaphor of purity and spirituality, recalling an iconic”mother and child” painting allusion.  I thought the veil could also play with ideas of marriage.  My friend Josh was nice enough to agree to help me out.  I had him dress in a tie-dyed skirt, which he turned into a dress, and chose a blonde wig from his array of wig choices.  With these photographs, I wanted to create an allegorical composition.  Even though I was thinking in terms of Cameron, I found myself associating my initial ideas with Käsebier’s The Manger, created in 1902.  I love the reference to Morisot’s The Cradle. I walk by our bathtub daily but a couple of days ago, I began to see my bathtub as a bassinet.  I did not particularly want to play with the literal interpretation of the dead baby, but I did wish to experiment with the death of a stereotype and/or standards.  I used my friend Josh to act as a boarder between social standards of marriage and religion.  I wanted to capture tender, spiritual-like moments between him and my daughter.  This turned into an obstacle, however, because Lennon was MAAAAAD.  She was not going to cooperate in that photo shoot at all, but my friend Josh was a good sport and continued posing throughout her temper tantrums.  This is the reason for tender photographic moments juxtaposed with moments of rage.  I was frustrated at first, but ended up liking a lot of the photographs that Lennon was not posing for.  I thought it added a touch of realism to the idealistic “mother and child” icon.  Since Lennon was refusing to cooperate, I switched scenery to a bedroom window that looked into our playroom and not outside.  I thought it’d be cool to play out a renaissance window idea, with the same ideas mentioned previously in mind.  Josh put on his “Carmen” wig and began to take on a different persona.  I thought the wig resembled Louis XIV’s hairdo from the paintings and films I’ve seen over the years.  It also made me laugh because it, additionally, reminded me of a shaw or virginal covering in its form.  There was something about the overall shape of the wig that made me want to pick it for this shot.  Lennon was not having this shoot either, so we called it a day shortly after.  I think I managed to capture some allegorical moments and I hope that I don’t have to re-shoot these shots again.  But I will if I have to because I want them to read correctly. 🙂

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