Keepin’ it Real and on the Lo Mein at the Nance’s…

Again, I’m posting these pics in order to document my entire process and I’m sorry to have to throw all this out there at once… I wish I had created a blog for this much earlier in my process.  But I still want to have these pics on here in case I’m looking for ideas.  I also need pictures to alter in PhotoShop (as I subtract more truth from my photographs :)) so that I can experiment with that is well.

In terms of digital photography, I have found PhotoShop to be my digital darkroom.  I used to hate the fact that photographs could be manipulated so easily through the new digital technology advancements because I thought it stripped a photograph of its charm.  However, this art history course has made me realize how manipulated photographs taken with actual film are as well.  In order to portray a particular photographer’s style in digital form, it is necessary for me to have a way of experimenting with lighting, etc.; especially, since my camera is so crappy.  And PhotoShop grants me that power.

These photographs were just me messing around and playing with my daughter Lennon at dinner time.  She was extremely fussy and, instead of allowing her to continue to press on my nerves, I grabbed my camera. I also grabbed some lo mein noodles, from our Chinese takeout order we were presently chowing down on, and placed them playfully on top of her head.  Immediately, she burst into laughter!  She loved it!  My husband, however, was giving me a look which in my eyes translated as, “What are you doing?!!!!!!!!! You know we are now going to have to give Lennon a bath when she already had one last night!”  Before he could say a word, though, I replied, “Don’t worry, I will bathe her when I’m done.”  It just seemed like too spontaneous opportunity to capture a playful moment, while also documenting Lennon’s dramatic mood change as a temper-tantruming toddler, so I took some photographs.  Don’t know where these fit in exactly with this project, but I wanted to include them because they were fun… and some of them also creepy because lo mein looks very wormy to me. 🙂

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