Social Photography Contemplation

I am currently planning on rendering a social documentary type of photograph, but as a portrait of Lennon of course.  I wasn’t sure if I would be capable of doing this but, being as I was responsible for leading the discussion on that topic in class, I spent a lot of time reflecting upon those readings.  The readings were basically tales of documentary photographers and their famous photographs.  I find social documentary photography absolutely fascinating and I think I have finally nailed down an idea for this photograph in the series.  The photographers we read about, such as Dorothea Lange, made me realize that it is all about capturing the right moment at the right time.  But a lot of these photographers also mentioned that they became inspired by the things they say and their ideas changed or came about on the spot.  I want to capture a moment of Lennon at daycare, with her surrogate mothers caring for her.  Sending Lennon and Rush to daycare all day, while I’m busy at school or doing schoolwork, emotionally disturbs me.  Being a mother, it feels horribly unnatural to send my child away for others to take care for her.  I miss out on a lot of “firsts.”  It makes me think about Linda Nochlin and the article we read last semester about why there have been no great women artists in history.  Having children has hindered me from doing many of the things I desire and need to do for myself, but I love my children and I adore spending time with them.  I am a big child myself.  I often think about what sacrifices I am making in order to survive in this world and take care of my family.  I long to be with them and don’t want to miss out on being a prominent part of their childhood.  I am filled with a tiny bit of sadness each time I drop them off in the mornings, but I know I have to sacrifice in order to graduate college.  My children don’t seem to mind the separation as much as I do, but you just never know how a child is going to be affected psychologically by the environments and situations you surround them in.

Therefore, I wanted to capture a moment with Lennon and her favorite teacher, and maybe her friends as they all surround their surrogate mother, and orchestrate a detached and isolated view of this.  I want the photograph to read like I am the photographer; as if I am myself, the photographer; And that I am also a photographer making social commentary and observations through this photograph.  I am going to try and capture another mother and child image, since that seems to be a recurring theme in my photographs, but very detached and uneasy feeling.  I want my view to be obvious so that the viewer is able to understand my observation of Lennon at daycare.  I am going to take these photos next week because I am a little under the weather today, so you will have that to look forward to.

Let me know what you are thinking :)

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