I Have Some More Ideas

Ok, at this point my mind is racing with ideas and thoughts.  This is probably the time I need to have someone look at my photographs and tell me what is working and what isn’t.  I wanted to post these photographs today just because I feel as if they could fit in somehow.  But maybe not.  I set up my computer with a photo of Lennon and my Granddaddy on the computer screen.  That photograph is my absolute favorite photo ever because it was taken 3 days before my grandfather passed away.  Lennon was hooked up to a heart/ breathing monitor and my granddaddy was hooked up to oxygen.  This photo is extremely important to me and I thought it’d be cool to take a photo of Lennon looking at it on the computer screen.  I wish he were here but I’m happy I have a photograph like that to share with my daughter.  The other photos were just random ideas that popped into my head while Lennon was playing around.  Lastly, there are some photos I wanted to take in juxtaposition to the ultra feminine ones of Lennon.  The gingham outfit is one that Rush wore a lot, and I wanted her to wear it because I have so many pictures of him wearing it.  This goes back to consumerism and identity/gender issues I was playing around with (from photos I created before).  There is one photo in particular that I think is fitting for a Catherine Opie-type of photograph, of course taken from a different type of personal viewpoint.  I’m not sure if I’m going to do this or not, but I thought I could either place a photo of Rush (when he was a baby in the same outfit) beside this one and then photograph both of them, side-by-side so there is a distinct comparison.  Or I could even do the same with the more feminine and more masculine photographs in juxtaposition of a larger whole.

The first photo is the photo that is on the computer screen.

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Let me know what you are thinking :)

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