Finale of Project and Close of this Blog (at least for now)…

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed producing this series of photographs because it allowed me to gain a greater sense of connection with my daughter and role as a mother.  I found that by dealing hands on with producing photographic portraits in particular photographer’s styles, I gained an incredibly sense of knowledge and depth about each photographer and the photographs they produced.  These styles may be distinctly different while others overlap, in terms of overarching concepts and formal qualities, but each photographic style allowed me to read Lennon differently.  I found myself attempting to bring out her innocence while also playing reference to the corruption of our society as I began concerning myself with issues of consumerism.  I know I am projected within these photographs, as I am the operator of the camera and framer of these compositions, even though the subject matter is solely my daughter.  It was almost impossible to emulate each photographer’s style solely, without addressing my concerns and suggestions, but I think it taught me to see how the photographic medium is used today; almost every photographer seems to be influenced by a former photographer.  Although not always successful, this photography project helped me learn photography as an art form that took me beyond the standard quality of the average snapshots.

Let me know what you are thinking :)

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