Statesboro Blues…

I recently discovered some photographs on another computer that I felt compelled to manipulate.  I couldn’t let them go to waste in an album archive.  They were photographs I took of Statesboro, Georgia’s breathtaking landscape as my husband and I drove to meet up with my cousins.  I feel an incredible sense of nostalgia every time I venture to Statesboro because it was so much a part of my childhood.  I loved my grandparents dearly and although they are deceased, I find something magical in each of these, allowing me to visually realize the cycle of our land/lives as those who have died go on to replenish the soil.  I wanted to make them feel aesthetically vintage and so I based my formal decisions with that in mind.  I love to photograph parts of nature that will always remain (if the land doesn’t get developed, etc.), but I especially love the idea of trees being harvested into wood and then formed into something meant to withstand the tests of time.  I decided to produce two sets of these photographs so expect two blog posts about them.  One set of has been rendered in color, while the others were produced in black and white.  Of course Sally Mann is a huge source of inspiration for my compositions, but I am fascinated that I took these years before knowing of Mann’s works.  I also think I loved exploring Man Ray’s style in my project and I see myself tending to render photographs that appear like a negative visually; a negative on a film strip.  Anyways, I see both influences in them and I am saying this, by the way, as I’m reflecting so I didn’t intentionally set out to do so.  Perhaps a surrealist subconscious lurking in my body to produce forms of automatic writing.  What?  I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do and please leave any and all comments… I’m just playing around; I did just graduate and no longer have a purpose at the moment 😉

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