Look, it’s the Beatles… I mean, Avett Brothers

I posted this earlier without adding any thoughts.  Sometimes it’s best to not post accompanying text, but I feel like doing so.  So, I’m going to.  Heh.  I took these photographs of an Avett Brothers concert in Tuscaloosa.  Although not nearly as insane as it was for the Beatles in the 50’s, the crowd at this concert was a little nutzo; myself included.  The Avett Brothers bring such passion to the stage and even if you went to a show not knowing any songs (like I did the first time), you catch on right away.  And you’ll be coming back for more just like I did.  This crowd was filled with frat boys and sorority girls as well as families.  The insane part, however, were the angry looks people gave one another if they tried to get closer to the stage.  I myself am short so I was angry when huge tall people stood right in front of me.  In these photographs, I tried to compose some with the compositions of Degas (in his opera/ballet crowd scenes) in mind.  I love the idea of 19th century painterly compositions being appropriated into contemporary spectacles, such as an Avett Brothers concert.  I tried to pull as much of the crowd into these photographs as I did the Avett Brothers.  There is one photo where I captured a guy taking a pic on his cell phone and it is the same pic I am trying to capture as well.  Anyways, just thought their grainy and black-and-white compositions through them back into time a few decades.  But I also left a few in green and color to flash a little real, contemporary visual in the midst of the retro.  🙂

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Let me know what you are thinking :)

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