Strawberries and Nakedness in the Atl Summa-Time Heat…

These are photographs of my children playing out in the hot sun today.  We made the mistake of telling Rush he could go to the pool before checking to see if our pool was open today; and it was closed.  So we made the best of a sad day for a cute kid and purchased a kiddie pool for them to play in.  Below are Lennon and Rushing playing in the pool.  It reminds of the days I played in kiddie pools as a child.  These photographs are a reflection of myself, as the camera’s operator, and a nostalgic reflection of a chapter closed, yet not forgotten.  The love and innocence that surrounds children bewilders me.  Simple splashes in the pool are hours of entertainment and joy.  Light is a huge inspiration for these photographs as it reflects the heat and also spiritual qualities within each photograph.  My children currently live in a bubble of joy, and I intend to enjoy this time until the day comes when the world begins attempting to steal their joy.  These photographs reflect both the past and present; fleeting in temporality.   Part of a shoebox, I intend to open and look back upon over the years as I age into an old woman.  Ahhh photography; a mother’s verse.

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