Ode to Brandi Carlile and Amy Ray…

Since I could not make it this year to Brandi’s show at the Handlebar in Greenville, SC, I decided to flip through my photographs from last year’s show there.  Stupidly, I left my camera on and my good camera died right when I got to the Handlebar.  I find both Brandi and Amy Ray to be such incredibly good people… always giving back to their fans and community.  It is hard to remain grounded when your in the spotlight and I feel that these two (and the rest of Brandi’s awesomely talented band) will continue to do so throughout the rest of their careers.  I truly value their folk/rock song writing styles and can definitely relate to the beauty/darkness/love that lingers within both the Indigo Girl’s and Brandi Carlile’s lyrics.  There is a genuine truth within both bands and what they stand for and what they write.  I decided to play around with these terrible photographs taken by my iphone with no flash.  Haha they sure do shine!

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