Fabric and Form as Subject

I took these photographs yesterday and decided to post them because I really loved the concept.  After photographing Lennon through fabric for my project, as inspired by Man Ray, I decided to try and photograph Rush and Lennon through the sheer fabric windows while they were playing in their tent.  I really loved turning these into black and white because I feel as if the ribbon and the mesh create an awesome effect over these images of my children (and cat 🙂 ) as they both hide, frame, and reveal form.  I also was diggin’ how the fabric creased at certain places, which highlighted and shaded the forms behind it.  In some of the photographs, the viewer is unable to distinguish between Rush and Lennon.  And in others, the viewer is forced to search for the form.  Please leave any and all comments.  Criticism is appreciated (as long as it’s constructive).  Enjoy!

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Let me know what you are thinking :)

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