The Adeline Belle Pendley Series Round One…

Sooooo, expect lots of posts about my new niece… she is really easy to photograph because she is so freakin’ beautiful.  I already had some nieces and nephews, but I was married into those relationships.  I feel so very honored and attached to my first niece that was born after I married my husband.  Adeline Belle Pendley (wonderful name 🙂 ) was born on May 22nd at 9 PM and unfortunately for her, her new aunt has stuck a camera in her face ever since.  But she didn’t seem to mind yesterday and that makes me happy.  Adeline is an extremely alert little baby and was awake a lot yesterday, following us with her eyes and sometimes even looked directly at the camera.  I’m currently staying at Tracey and Andy’s pad and am awaiting their return from that glistening white, sterile environment otherwise known as the hospital.  I’m sad I wasn’t there for the actual birth to document their expressions of joy two nights ago (no photos of anything inappropriate of course).  I know how special it is to witness your own offspring being brought into this world after a long 9 months of waiting.  And Adeline is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! So perfect looking.  Seriously and seriously speaking and seriously looking, though, she is absolutely perfect and I have a feeling Andy is going to have to bat those teenage boys away when she gets older.  Until they come home from the hospital, however, I wanted to post these pics I photographed at the hospital.  I turned some into black and white and left some in color.  I tried to capture moments of bliss, new parenthood experience, and emotions (love taking pics of mad babies… maybe that’s kinda wrong but those pics crack me up!!!!).  I stay here until Saturday so be on the lookout for more bloggy posts about my new gorgeous niece!!! Happy late Birthday Adeline Belle Pendley… I hope we will always be close and that you will always be close with your cousins as well.  Rush and Lennon are so excited to have you in their lives. :p

Please leave any and all comments.  I know I always write this but nobody ever leaves any!  The reason for this is probably because nobody beyond my husband and mother probably reads this blog but if someone else happens to, please leave me comments!  I want to get better and need advice (only if you know what you are talking about… although I love being inspired from new ideas so if you have a new idea to share, share it!)

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6 thoughts on “The Adeline Belle Pendley Series Round One…

  1. I read! I love your pics and posts! Sorry I have no advice to give you but that’s because when it comes to blogs, I have no idea what I’m talking about! Lol

    • Haha well thank you, Jessica! I appreciate your comment and it is good to know somebody besides me is reading these… even though this blog is really a way to help me stay organized. Glad you like my posts!

  2. Josh and I both check up on your blogs Polly, we love looking at all your amazing photographs!!!! Congratulations on the new addition to the family!! 🙂

  3. Tracey and Adeline are very lucky to have such a talented person in their lives to take photographs. When you children grow up, pictures are triggers of great memories. I treasure all the pictures I have of my children, especially now that I have one that is grown.

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