The Most Beautiful Organic Community Garden Place in Chicago…

Uncle Andy took me on another dog walk around 5 PM this afternoon, right before the sun went down.  It was a little earlier in the day than the other day I took photographs, which meant I had a little more time in the light to take photographs.  It was overcast but, honestly, I love taking photographs with overcast skies in the background.  I think it makes the green appear more green and allows for great contrast between the white skies and the darker forms.  Tracey and Andy have this community garden, three blocks south of their apartment, and Andy thought it’d be a cool place to walk to.  I had a fantastic time photographing the organic nature of this community garden.  There was a man there, who Andy immediately talked to because he is outgoing that way, that told us all about this garden as he was working on its construction.  I loved this urban landscape/ urban organic garden and began photographing it like crazy.  It was spectacular.  The man was in the process of planning out a cocktail area with a sofa made of soil and other organic materials and covered in moss.  I thought the idea sounded absolutely fabulous so I took a “before” shot and cannot wait to come back to Chicago to see how that evolves visually.  I found myself in awe of the rolls of fencing lying peacefully on the ground.  I also fell in love with these beautiful purple blobs of flowers and it reminded me of my “scattered” project I did in my Art 160 class last semester… just for fun, I might collect a bunch of photographs that remind me of my composition for “cohesive” and perhaps expand upon this idea with other words.  Anyways, I truly fell in love with the idea of a community garden and how it truly offers a sense of community to its surrounding neighborhood.  There was a beautiful stone fire pit in the center, with plots of land surrounding it, and a brick stove beside it.  There was this huge, gorgeous tree beside the pit as well and Andy told me the branches that fall from the tree supply the wood for the fire pit.  Andy had recently gone to a bonfire there one night, which is how he discovered this incredibly poetic place.  Below are my photographs.  I think my favorites overall are the ones with the plastic carousel horse and the ones with the rolls of fencing.  There was so much charm hovering about this place.  I can’t wait for baby Adeline to enjoy it! 🙂

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