Atlanturban Landscape Views down Moreland Ave

These photographs were taken while driving home from the family reunion.  I’m still figuring out my new camera so I want to experiment whenever possible in order to become more comfortable with it.  I found myself taking photographs of architecture and graffiti.  There are some photographs, I particularly love, that are taken while the car was in motion.  I think they turned out fabulous because they look as if trees have been superimposed on top of houses and smeared so there are some clear fragments; and some blurry.  There are also ones of my husband’s face in the reflection on the car window and I love how he appears on top of graffiti and the urban landscape.  I love how these photographs truly portray our view as passengers in the car, passengers in this fleeting world.  Anyways, I am posting these and sorry to post yet another blog post after this one, but my husband is dying for me to post some disc golf shots of him that I took with my new camera and never loaded. Until then… 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Atlanturban Landscape Views down Moreland Ave

    • I didn’t use a widget… I used the slideshow feature… you click on insert picture and once you have uploaded all of your photographs, at the bottom there is an option for insert slideshow or insert gallery. Hope this helps!

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