Look Out Folks, It’s Nance Family Reunion Time :)

Yesterday, all the Nances gathered in High Falls State Park for a family reunion.  The last time I saw all these peeps together was two years ago in Grant Park in Atlanta.  Ricky brought his disc golf pin and set up for all to enjoy.  The reunion was an absolute blast and so was the food and the scenery.  We have such a great family.  I’m so glad to be a Nance.  In addition, High Falls was the perfect place for such a gathering because that place is breathtakingly beautiful!  I feel in love with this fallen tree (and so did Rush) and took lots of photographs of Rush exploring it.  It amazes me to see how tight a tree clings to the earth with its roots even while falling.  It takes a lot to make a tree fall.  This tree’s roots were still in the ground and the tree had not completely fallen to the earth, it laid diagonally to the ground.  Some people even found shade below it and placed a blanket beneath them to lie on.  I didn’t really do anything fancy to these photographs, beyond cropping them.  My role as a photographer was solely to document.  But what a fun time with the whole Nance gang… wish more of them had been able to come because there are still some I have not met!  Hope you enjoy these photographs! Please leave any and all comments!

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2 thoughts on “Look Out Folks, It’s Nance Family Reunion Time :)

  1. Polly!!! Thanks for doing such a GREAT job of documenting the Nance Reunion. It is so hard being so far away but it is wonderful seeing these beautiful photograph. You did a terrific job! Thank you for sharing.

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