Recycled Nostalgia

Have you ever found an old shoebox full of photographs and then spent a couple of hours looking through them?  Well, while I was at the lake, Nancy found a bunch of old albums and photo boxes containing a great amount of photographs.  Some people get bored looking at other people’s photographs and home videos, but I happen to enjoy it.  I love learning about people and their history and where they came from.  Anyways, these photographs are being recycled from Nancy’s shoebox and given new meaning; a similar meaning; but new meaning nonetheless.

I first took photographs of ones I found containing my husband and Nancy’s grandchildren.  But then I found myself in awe at Nancy’s grandparent’s photographs.  I found them extremely charming in their vintage state, perfectly preserved on album pages.  I also found this new chicken wired bulletin board that had been hun,g but only had the photographs it came with.  I decided to place the photographs I found from the shoebox behind the wire because these photographs are presently in the past and, on a bulletin board, they would have probably been replaced with new ones.  I love how trapped these photographs are and artificially placed.  Who knows how many unclaimed photographs from history are out there?  Just about every single person takes photographs in their lifetime.  That’s pretty awesome.  Although the vintage photographs are probably my favorite, I also love the scenic ones… photographs taken on family vacations.  I hope to continue with this series… it is not done and I’m not obsessed with every single one of these, but it was the start to an idea I had.  I’m thinking about going over to my mother’s house and constructing a similar photo shoot that traps my grandparents photographs in time, but not with chicken wire… something either  native to my parent’s house or a reference to my grandparents.  I like recycling nostalgia.  Nostalgic, nostalgia.  🙂

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