An Upset Turned Upside Down

These are photographs I took at my mother in-law’s house at Lake Oconee.  We (all the cousins, my kids, Nancy and I) were sitting around the dinner table eating pizza downstairs when Nancy said, “See what happened to my window… The window man said someone shot it with an airsoft gun or something similar from afar.”  Although tragic and an expensive pain (or pane haha oh, I am so funny) in the rear to fix, I found myself incredibly drawn to the patterns within the broken glass.  There was something mesmerizing about the cracks that reminded me of a spiderweb.  I took these photographs just as the sun was going down.  I love taking photographs with a barrier in between the subject matter.  In this case, the broken window sometimes even became the subject as its patterns overtook the photographic frame.  I plan on taking some more photographs tonight when the sun truly is setting because I want to capture some orange and pink glows of light seeping through the cracks.  I took these photographs from two different perspectives… one set is taken from the inside of the house looking out at the lake/pool, while the other set is from the outside looking inward at the furniture/ light fixtures.  I wasn’t completely satisfied with the ones taken from the inside of the house and I found myself in awe of the amber glows from within the interior as I stood outside the door frame.  I personally find these extremely cool and I just might have to print one out for my own home.  I love the fact that I took something upsetting and turned it into an art form. As Nancy told me, “at least something good is coming out of this broken window.”  I also enjoy the fact that the photographs exude a sense of extreme vulnerability since the glass window could shatter into a million pieces if someone were to press to hard upon the pane.  It enhances the memories being preserved through these photographs because life at the moment is peaceful and who knows how long it will stay that way ;).  Don’t mean that in a depressing way, it’s just a bit of truth lingering within these compositions that set up a sense of beauty juxtaposed with anxiety.  My nephews/nieces/ cousins (not sure what to call them… they are Ricky’s aunt’s children’s children- not blood related,second wife to his Uncle who raised him… and also Ricky’s first cousin’s children… haha) told me I was weird and they are probably right.  Just when I thought I was becoming a cool “aunt” type I get called weird… but I love being weird so I consider that the ultimate of ultimate compliments.  At least I got personality and style :).  Haha, I’m really just joking around… they are sweet and I’m only just messing, but I’m sure I did look like a freak taking photographs of broken glass.  Hope you enjoy these as much as I do and please feel free to leave comments.

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2 thoughts on “An Upset Turned Upside Down

  1. these are so cool Polly! I totally agree with you that broken glass is mesmerizing. I have always thought the patterns from broken glass are so interesting. Great job!!!!

    • Thanks Lindsay! Yeah broken glass is pretty much the shit. Glad you enjoyed my photographs! I’m working on the disc golf ones… they’ll be up by the end of today.

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