Cool Stuff at Nancy’s Pad

While the babies were napping, I decided to step outside and take photographs of Nancy’s beautiful Lake Oconee backyard.  I can’t believe she wakes to an breathtaking lake view, gorgeous flowers, and a beautiful pool surrounded by a flagstone surface every single morning.  I wanted to play around with my camera some more, so I took photographs of her backyard and cool objects within her interior.  It is a magical place full of family time and memories. It is unusual to come and glance at an empty back yard, devoid of human beings and noise.  The only problem was it was incredibly hot and I forgot to put on shoes.  I didn’t have that much time since my children weren’t going to be napping that much longer, so I hurriedly took these photographs so my feet wouldn’t burn.  That was a lazy move, but I was so proud of my broken window photographs that I didn’t put a whole ton of thought into these; just tried to toy around with the biological states existing within her landscaped backyard.  Pretty nonetheless, but mostly superficial.  Hope you like them…

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