Observing the Drive to North Carolina

These are the first photographs in a series I plan to post about our camping trip to Panthertown Valley in North Carolina.  I took photographs of things I noticed (similar to my Moreland Drive photographs) on the drive and hoped the colors would smear and create movement upon those photograph’s surfaces.  I noticed nature and scenic views, while also views of the countryside.  I also captured images of power-lines interrupting scenic views, in order to bring to light our world’s current environmental state and battle against technology and power.  We stopped at a Talulah Gorge scenic overlook, where I noticed so many signs and images about recycling.  In addition, a woman attempting to take pictures of the view made a comment that struck me: “Ugh, these power-lines are just ruining my view and  pictures.”  She thought the power-lines were ruining the view, but I found them building truths about our environment as it is becoming harder and harder to gain an exclusive and primitive view of nature.  Humanity invades it from every angle, except in areas where the land is preserved.  I love this “mountain” outlook on life and how important it is for the people living in those areas of nature and beauty wish to preserve it.  Living in the city, one often forgets about the state of our environment since there is so little of it to enjoy.  Concrete and skyscrapers dominate the urban landscape.  I post these first because not only they are chronologically first of all the photographs I took this past weekend, but they also stand in high contrast to the primitive time us Nance’s and Kellers experienced in the woods.  More to come soon!

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