East Roswell Disc Golf Action Shots

I did my best to capture some action shots of Josh and Ricky yesterday, while they were playing disc golf at the East Roswell course in Atlanta.  Lindsay (Josh’s girlfriend) and I enjoyed the walk, while the boys enjoyed the sport.  I almost forgot there was a disc golf round taking place because I was actively engaged in photographing everything I saw.  I wish I had taken more and better photographs at the Redan course because I found that course incredibly beautiful.  However, there were parts to this course that took me by surprised as well.  I start these posts with the action shots I took.  I don’t think I’m very good at action shots because I am unsure of where to stand, etc in order to capture the “best” disc golf action shot.  I tried my best but one of the things I think is essential for this type of photography is a zoom lens.  I ordered one with the last of my graduation money… Ricky is playing in an amateur disc golf tournament this weekend so I hope it arrives before then.  I like some of these shots better than others and I would appreciate any advice on taking action shots, such as these.  I think I need to flip through Ricky’s disc golf magazines this week and see how those photographers take their shots.  I can’t wait to photograph a real disc golf tournament… I know I’ll get some action shots in there somewhere, but I hope to people watch as well :).  Anyways, here are the action shots below.

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