The Trailer Turnpike

These are photographs of a hole at the East Roswell disc golf course that my husband refers to as the “trailer” hole.  While standing on the tee, which lies on an open green patch of land, you must throw your disc in between the trees on the right and three trailers on the left and around the left corner.  Good thing I wasn’t playing this time… I would have probably shot in between the trailers and then had no idea how to get over them near enough to the pin.  I use the term “trailers” loosely here though because my husband calls the whole that, but these photographs show more than trailers.  I found this site fascinating and organically beautiful.  There is something so ordinary, yet fascinating about abandoned vehicles, trailers and barns to me.  I love photographing things that are worn by weather and time.  I love the rusting patches adorning old metal structures because it shows the process of decay within its environment.  Lindsay said she would love to have engagement pictures taken at a place like this.  Let me just tell you that I immediately fell in love with that idea!!  How fantastic of an idea is that?  Plus, if she and Josh were to be the ones being photographed one day, this site would perfectly allude to Josh’s presence and history on the disc golf courses in Atlanta over the years.  There is something so ultimately romantic and organic about taking photographs here; especially, engagement photographs.  If you need a photographer when that day comes sometime, Lindsay, call me!  I’ll take the photographs for free!  Haha, but only if you want to.  Sounds like you have a lot of photographer friends.  But I adore the idea nonetheless.  Josh pointed out something, which I almost overlooked, just as the boys were finishing with that hole: stenciled graffiti portraits of Mr. T, the Statue of Liberty and others.  I took multiple photographs of these because I found them hilariously awesome; A quirky touch to an abandoned site turned into a disc golf hole.  Apparently, this site is about to transform into the site of a library… boooooooooo.  Why take something so culturally a part of this disc golf course away?  Makes me sad.  I just love these photographs, though, for their allusion to the state of ruin; a contemporary ruin… which is a step towards becoming a part of Atlanta’s antiquity.  But our country doesn’t like to preserve it’s history or ruins and thus, new developments are always stripping evidence of culture and history away from our landscape.  Ok, done with my rant.  Enjoy the photographs!

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