And now… For the Round at Fort Yargo

Ok… so here are my photographs of the second round played at Fort Yargo.  Friday morning, Ricky and I set out to Fort Yargo so that he could practice.  I don’t  know what it was but, at that particular time of day, I wasn’t really finding anything to photograph.  The disc golf course didn’t seem that photogenic.  Minus a few holes, it was all played in the woods on trails.  I wasn’t that impressed.  However, on Saturday afternoon that course seemed to come to life and was more beautiful than I remembered.  It was an interesting round of disc golf because the course became an equalizer…. meaning, it was a course where anything could happen because if you accidentally hit a tree, you were screwed.  I was dragging slightly after the first round was finished, but this round proved difficult for most players.  Even the professionals got tripped up a bit here and there.


I’m still evolving my skills for how to  best capture a disc golf action shot.  My opinion means nothing because I don’t play disc golf, so I would appreciate any comments about these photographs.  I tried to use my art history knowledge of dynamism, movement, etc. to find a way to crop these photographs so that they could be read in terms of the player’s momentum.  I wanted to be able to feel the power of each in motion as I looked at these photographs.  I also wanted to include the direction in which the disc would be traveling, while capturing the disc and also capturing important attributes of individual holes.  I am most drawn to the photographs I produced that were shot from behind the players on the tee pad.  I couldn’t exactly capture the momentum but I was able to capture where the players were aiming and, sometimes, was even able to include the pin in the composition.  So there are some of those shots below as well as side action shots where I was able to capture each player’s technique and follow through as they threw their discs.  I just bought a filter that is supposed to help with the lighting difficulties I was experiencing.  See, this is why I need to get a job with a photographer… I need to learn these camera things.  I prefer the images I took at Apalachee High School because it was easier to photograph the players due to the massive amounts of space I had to move about and position myself.  At Fort Yargo, it was tight and hilly and I didn’t’ know where to stand every time.

I’m very appreciative of the players in my husband’s groups for both rounds for letting me take photographs because I wasn’t exactly sure how everyone was going to like me taking pictures of them.  I didn’t want to distract or get in the way, but no one seemed to mind too much.  There was this one shot, however, when my presence messed with my husband’s concentration and he hit a tree.  I made sure to back up for the other players stepping up to the tee pad… but if you are ever gonna go Pro, I guess you gotta learn to play with cameras in your face!  The funny thing is, my husband now claims that the picture I took is his favorite one.  Ha!

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