Architectural and Fenced Views on the Apalachee Course

While photographing the disc golf tournament, I took advantage of some photo ops involving ideas I had already been experimenting with outside of the disc golf world.  As those of you who read this blog may know, I have been photographing through various types of screens… I love the patterns of fencing, etc. that fragments my view into separate pieces.  To me, this produces an image of a typical view, but one that is usually overlooked.  These views alter the landscape or the subject into a new view to be stared at as a work of art.  I also like the juxtaposition of the man-made/machine made materials blocking hints of an all natural subject.  So many concrete and artificial structures and things cloud and obstruct our sight of nature, and this has worsened as the years and progress onwards into the future.

Included in this group of photographs, as well, are views of the high school bleachers… I don’t know why but they fascinated me.  Reminded me of the steel skeletons lurking beneath the walls and floors of skyscrapers.  Except this view was turned horizontal.  Anyways, I have these to post and then some nature shots and then I will be done with the disc golf tournament postings.

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Let me know what you are thinking :)

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