Previously at Fort Yargo + Nature at the Tourney

The first set of these photographs were taken pre-tournament and I post them because I meant to post them before.  I thought it would make a nice comparison for what I saw Friday and what I saw Saturday at the tournament.  On Friday, my husband went to practice at Fort Yargo before the big day.  At the time (and as I mentioned in my previous blog post) I didn’t find Fort Yargo that impressive.  I have no clue why because I took some pretty rad photographs of burnt trees.  I later found out at the tournament that they did a control fire burning in the winter to clear out some of the woods so that the course would be more playable.  I found this fascinating and I was quite happy I had photographed those burnt trees the day before.  I also found this mushroom that was ridiculously cool and at the tournament (set of photographs are at the end), I found another mushroom.  Just something I observed and fell in love with.  I wonder if they are poisonous??  Probably, so.  They are too beautiful and fluffy to be eaten… mmmmm mushrooms.  Ha. Ok well, the other photographs included in these are nature shots photographed at both sites at the tournament : Apalachee High School and Fort Yargo.

Another reason to get the word out about disc golf: the nature you see… you will be basically hiking while enjoying a sport.  Pretty awesome, indeed.

Additionally, I have included a few action shots from Ricky’s pre-tournament practice at Fort Yargo.  I wanted to post these because he made an ace on hole #9 and went crazy after he realized it went in the basket, running laps around the hole.  He jumped up on the previous hole’s pin and it was so hilarious that I had to capture the moment. 🙂 And, he aced the hole with my favorite disc… a tie-dyed freakin awesome disc.  Haha.







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3 thoughts on “Previously at Fort Yargo + Nature at the Tourney

  1. Didn’t want my reply to come across wrong… what I mean is, let me print them for you so that they will be of the best quality… otherwise, images get less vivid and clear when you download and steal them 🙂 And I of course want you to have nice pretty perfect images!

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