A Spontaneous Visit to the Georgia Aquarium

This week at Kids Kondo (Rush’s daycare), the theme is “under the sea.”  In other words, Rush has been learning all week about fish and other creatures that live in the ocean.  This also meant that he was begging me to take him to the aquarium.  So far, Rush has to been to the Georgia Aquarium multiple times.  I love how he is so curious and interested in marine life and animals right now.  He wants to know everything… what each eats and where they live.  I decided that it’d be a good idea to take him this past Wednesday to the Aquarium since I am currently unemployed.  Wow… a visit to the aquarium is not cheap!  I’m thinking it might be time to invest in an annual pass because we have already been twice this year and I know we will go more.  They also had the new dolphin exhibit open so, of course, we had to go see Dolphin Tales.

Dolphin Tales is the new dolphin show that opened recently.  Let me tell you, it is a snoozer for Dad’s.  The dolphins are cool to watch and it is a cool stage set up and all, but the show is SOOOO cheesy.  I laughed out loud when the auditorium went dark and a man with a blinking light cloak appeared out of nowhere blinking.  He then turned around and began to sing some cheesy ass song.  BAHAHAHA.  I’m sorry to be such a critic and so immature, but come on.  They could have done a much better job writing the script and songs for this show.  I think Rush has a greater imagination than whoever wrote the show and could have produced a much better story plot.  Why couldn’t they have gone the “cool” route?  I know this show needs to be geared towards families, but it would have been cool if they could have thought more along the lines of Pink Floyd.  How awesome would it be to have dolphins doing flips to some sort of awesome music with lights… I mean it could be Yani for all I care.  With that being said, however, I was kind of saddened by the spectacle of it all.  Haha I know I just spent money on and time critiquing this show, but this was just a thought I was having during the performance.  These dolphins are basically a circus show and the tank didn’t seem large enough for them to swim and flip around with plenty of room.  I love dolphins but I don’t know, something about this just screams WRONG.  Ok that is my rant for now.

In these photographs, you will witness me once again playing around with reflections on glass… the aquarium was too perfect a photo op for this!  I found myself interested in capturing all the spectators taking pictures and viewing the creatures in each exhibit//tank (myself included).  I thought they turned out pretty cool.  My favorite of these photographs is on the right and captures Rush, myself, and some other woman in the background gazing at all the tropical fish.  Rush didn’t want to leave this site because he wanted to watch all the “Dori’s” swimming around. 🙂

At the penguin exhibit, there was this one penguin that kept posing for me.  He was swimming in the water and tried to swim in place so that I could take his photograph.  Or at least, that is how it appeared.  He even posed for me when I took Rush’s photograph beside the tank.  It was so cute!

The last of these photographs is a series I made black and white.  While snapping pictures of all the sharks and sting rays, I found myself remembering a documentary about sharks I watched with my brother.  The documentary was basically about how there is a black market for shark fins and how sharks are disappearing at an incredible rate.  And the thing is, people don’t really seem to mind this too much because the media and films have been forever portraying sharks as monsters.  I was afraid of sharks because of the movie Jaws and this was discussed in the film as well.  I am now not as afraid and find sharks fascinating and hauntingly beautiful.  They are far from monsters.  They are doing what they need to survive in the world, just as we are.  And they are being hunted.  Any who, moving on… I made some of these black and white to represent the historical past view of sharks and under-the-sea creatures that have been turned into monsters by some horror film director (don’t get me wrong, I love the movie Jaws and am a horror film fan… but it makes me sad that theses are the consequences sometimes for an idea).  I think some of them definitely turned out hauntingly beautiful.  I mean I’d be terrified if I saw one of them swimming near me… but the fact is they usually don’t just go after humans unless they feel threatened for their life or are desperate for food.  But from the looks of how big sharks are, it doesn’t appear as if they are that desperate for food.  Ok, that is all for now and I hope you enjoy these photographs.

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