The Happy Father’s Day Weekend Flower Spectacular! :)

I had to post these photographs in honor of my dear father on Father’s Day.  My father has quite the green thumb and loves to garden.  I always love driving over to my parents house and seeing what new plants he’s planted.  Seriously, if you have any questions about flowers, just ask my father.  He knows it all!  He used to take big huge flower books (basically dictionaries) with him t read by the pool every time we went to the beach at Fripp, Island. Haha!  Anyways, I had just gotten this new telephoto zoom lens and couldn’t wait to test it out.  He had these beautiful pink cone flowers that were almost about to hit the dust, but they were still bloomed enough to capture some photographs.  The rest of his flowers were beginning to wilt, but I managed to captures some of his day lilly’s as well.  Other than those photographs, the beginning of this set includes some images of Rush and Lennon… they were test shots for my new lens and I just thought I’d keep them in there because they are cute.  I still have to get used to this new lens.  I couldn’t afford the fancy ones that have the full range, so this is a separate ultra-zoom lens and I must be far away from the subject to capture a good image.  Or rather, farther than I’m used to with my other lens.  Hope you enjoy these flowers and Happy Father’s Day to my husband Ricky and my dad and to all the other dads out there.  Hope y’all have a great Father’s Day weekend!

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