There’s a Bright Moon on the Rise…

I wanted to post these photographs because I just wanted to document, and bloggingly note, the difference between images I post of the moon before I purchased my new telephoto zoom lens.  I thought these photographs were incredible because I could make out the blues and the pinks in the sky with the moon in front of them.  The sky was absolutely beautiful that night.  I loved how dark these photographs were and how the flash captured the colors all in one spot of the compositions.  I thought the high contrast made for a gorgeous composition.  And I still believe that to be true…

However, the photographs I captured of the moon (from my own backyard I might add) were ridiculous.  I couldn’t believe how clearly I could make out the bumps and shadows on the mood.  These photographs are beautiful in their own, different light in comparison to my previous ones.  The moon is not full in these and yet, it’s presence is still grandly noted in its luminosity and high contrast against the dark night sky.  I only have a few of these images at the moment, but I hope to add to this collection over time… I might even take a photograph of the moon every single night and document its phases.  Until then, I leave you with these few photographs…

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