Flowers at the North Georgia Canopy Tour

Welp, my experimentation with PhotoShop has taken longer than I anticipated… that plus a virus and food poisoning. 🙂  So, I decided to go ahead and post a few more times before I post my PhotoShop works.  These are photographs I took while accompanying my husband on another disc golf adventure to the North Georgia Canopy Tour course.  I have many a times received a Groupon email inbox for zip-lining there, but I had no clue there was a disc golf course.  This course was dramatically different from the other ones I’ve been to because its beauty was paired with a strenuous hike.  It was well worth the work out, however, because the views and holes were spectacular.  The holes were either wide open shots or downhill/uphill.  We were in the woods and then out of the woods and I felt like we walked uphill and then immediately back downhill to the next hole as if we were scaling a mountain.  I was out of breath half way through and my lens got quite dusty… thank god I spent money on a filter.

I fell in love with the variety of run-down, rustic architectural structures that obstructed clear shots and views of the next pin.  I loved the overgrown grass and weed grass and weed flowers that flourished there.  My dad came over this past week to do some yard work over here and as he was leaving he mentioned something about cutting the weed grass.  And being the weirdo I am I responded, “Why? I love weed grass.  It’s so pretty!”  He looked at me like I was a freak and then laughed and said he’d leave it alone then. Haha, anyways back to the point… There were so many beautiful purple wild flowers that grew tall and proud so I had to take their photographs.  For some odd strange reason, I have forever been obsessed with the color purple.  To me it is the most vivid color out there and my eyes always are drawn to it first over any other color.  I have longs since overcome this obsession (yes, I even stupidly used to buy laundry detergent just because it was purple… I had a problem you could say 😉 ).  I grew tired of it as I became more drawn to earth tones in my “maturity” but always have a special place for the color in my heart.  Ha no, but I have since varied my taste in selecting colors for whatever purpose.  However, these wild purple flowers that stood so assuredly in their vibrant lavender hues were also surrounded by browns and greens.  But I could visualize the purple tones reflected upon its surroundings.  I am still fooling around with this new filter I got and, because of the strenuous hike and extreme heat, I only took so many photographs.  I’m also trying to edit them down more so that I only post the ones that are the best and most relevant for my bloggy blog posts.  So, until I finalize and figure some more things out in PhotoShop, I will be posting a few more times about the North Georgia Canopy Tour disc golf course…

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