Rustic Roots

Like I was saying in my previous post, I photographed many run-down architectural structures on my walk along the canopy tour course.  Perhaps I am amazed by these structures, abandoned and worn by their environments as they’ve withstood the tests of time, because I do not often lay my eyes upon sights like these since I live in an urban setting.  The worn down structures I see daily are mostly buildings and houses, which are cool in a different way, but none stand alone in open fields and most come adorned with graffiti.  I find these sights to be an added bonus to disc golf courses… they are treasures that may appear similar from afar but, up close, each has been uniquely rusted in the time they were left to ruin.  They are contemporary ruins of a rural culture… but they are also contemporary rural monuments that are ever abundant in rural landscapes.

In addition, I also photographed the many bridges and wooden crosswalks I came across on my hike.  I love how these wooden bridges can be found on most trails and disc golf courses and I hope to eventually be able to make comparisons between the coolest and most original ones I’ve seen on the many courses I’ve visited.  I don’t really have too much to say about these photographs because although I like them, I’m not really in love with any of them.  I think my filter got in the way of a few shots and I’m still getting used to how I turn the filter on my lens because that affects the colors that are then translated into the the photograph.  I also need to learn to clean my lens as I’m walking because I’m noticing more and more dust on these photographs… I kind of like the dust effect but sometimes it interferes with the compositions in an annoying way.  I need to get on it and either take some photography courses at Georgia State or find a photographer to work for… I am in desperate need of feedback and advice!  My work still looks so amateur!  But I can see progress, so I guess that is all that really matters for the time being.

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