A Chicken Coup Disc Golf Hole?

I found this one hole on the disc golf course at the Canopy Tours incredible because it was underneath an old chicken coup.  I could almost feel the history of the land as I walked underneath it because it was so old.  Basically, it was this long architectural structure with the tee pad located on one end and the pin at the other.  It was a great break point because there just so happened to be a working coke machine inside as well.  I loved all the footprints that were imprinted in the red sandy dirt ground so I found myself attempting various compositions of these as well.  I also enjoyed the chicken coup wire that acted as the walls, while alluding to the history of the structure.  There were old, rusty machines on the interior left to sit near the outer walls but I struggled photographing them because the lighting was so crappy underneath the coup roof.  I plan on doctoring all of these photographs more in PhotoShop when I have more time, but just wanted to post these in the meantime… so I can tell how evolved I am in terms of editing.  Photography has a lot to do with the camera, camera lens, camera operator and angle, but the real “greats” seem to be master editors as well.  Half of photography is cropping, toning, manipulating light, etc. and I’m still learning how to get my photographs to look more professional… I probably need a flash too :).  Until then, I have these awesome views of the chicken coup hole to entertain you with. Enjoy!


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