A Chicken Coup PhotoShop Experiment: TAKE ONE

This is my first attempt at a PhotoShoped photograph in which I created a meaningful composition involving a bit of drawing and design as well.  But blah blah blah… the background photograph is a photograph I took inside the chicken coup disc golf hole and… this is not my favorite one of all I’ve done so far, but I wanted to post it anyways because it is a starting point. Yay to PhotoShop!

SIDE NOTE: I used to not be a huge fan of PhotoShop.  I know it has its purpose and its relevance but a lot of it is fancy editing and complicated editing… that I thought produced professional, but artificial photographs.  While I still believe that to be partially true, I fell in love with what I can do within the program.  I never knew I could think more in terms of drawing and painting and also photography all within the same composition.  I like the idea of collage work… previous paintings I’ve created have been based off collaged doodles I’ve done.  I love collage work because to me it is the visual part to poetry I wish often accompanied my poems.  I know poetry is scary to most.  For some odd reason, most people in the world just think they don’t understand poetry without even giving it a chance.  Everything is a metaphor and it is surprisingly a lot easier to understand than the average person might think.  It is exactly like listening to a rap song.  And actually, Beck to me is a great poet whose lyrics actually do have real meaning even if they come off as strange at first.  The true artists to me are poets.  I think of Dali as a poet as well.  Anyways, my point is collage work is like poetry and I like to put things together to gain meaning.  And I’m more of a free verse poet so call me surrealist or free verse or whatever, but I like how meaning can be gathered from imagery paired in one composition.  And since I’m a perfectionist, the free verse (which reminds me of blind contour drawing in how your mind makes meaning before your brain has time to process) is a perfect style to work within and so, this photograph is a bit of free style drawing collage work… but it is not great.  I was just playing with the idea of a chicken coup and wire and eggs.  And also, how this chicken coup has been given new life as it’s now a disc golf hole on a disc golf course and so I wanted to play with its history and appropriate its significance into contemporary times within a contemporary work of art.  Ha, my writing sounds better than my work… but it is one in a line of posts to come. 🙂



Let me know what you are thinking :)

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