Natural Beachy Shots at Fripp Island, SC

I had a great 4th of July celebration at Fripp Island, South Carolina with all of my cousins and Rushing fam.  Fripp Island is a beautiful, private island that was the site for the Vietnam War scenes in Forrest Gump. It is an island rich with wildlife and an abundance of golf carts driving around in the backdrop.  My Granddaddy purchased a house there when I was about three years old and I feel so blessed to be able to go there whenever I please.  It is so special that I get to share this spot with my children as well.  Deer are everywhere and you can literally see them all day long.  The beaches are gorgeous with untouched sand dunes planted in between the beautiful beach houses and ocean waters.  Sea turtle nests are roped off so that nobody disturbs them.

Although my husband got a little irritated with me and my camera ;), I took a bunch of photographs of all these birds I saw standing on the shoreline.  This was a moment I deeply regretted not bringing my zoom lens.  I tried to be so sneaky sneaky and slowly approach these birds to take their photograph.  They cooperated in the beginning, but they didn’t seem to appreciate me wanting to be right up next to them.  They tolerated me nonetheless.  And, despite constantly stepping in bird poop, I managed to shoot some really awesome photographs.  A camera turns me into one brave woman.  I’m more fearless than I should probably be but I am driven to take photographs of animals.  Anyways, these are from our first day on the beach and they are only photographs of nature (and some trash I found).  I plan on posting the ones with evidence of humanity within them in my next post.


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