The Grande Spectacle of Fripp Island: the 4th of July Parade!

And now…………….  for some FOURTH OF JULY pizzaz!

Every morning on the 4th of July at Fripp Island, all those willing to wake up early gather to celebrate and view the grand parade.  It is a tradition that I can remember partaking in ever since we began coming to Fripp.  Our family used to decorate golf carts and ride in the parade, but we were never winners.  Our moms never knew the theme in time to buy decorations, which meant we decorated in red, white and blue.  I don’t recall any pictures ever being taken of our wonderful carts but, from what I can remember, we pretty much decorated with streamers.  The parade has quite evolved since then, with families putting an incredible amount of time and creativity into their interpretations of the theme.  Two years ago, I was really impressed with a Michael Jackson crew that carried a stereo and walked behind their golf cart.  Every now and then they would stop and perform a choreographed dance.  It was awesome and hilarious.  This year, however, I was far more impressed.

I think my favorite interpretation of the “Super Heroes” theme was a golf cart meant to be Sarah Palin’s secret service vehicle.  A woman dressed as her walked behind with others dressed as her security.  She waved hilariously just like Tina Fey would.  I snapped a photograph and a man with her ran over to me and put his hand out and said, “NO PICTURES!  You cannot take pictures of Mrs. Palin!”  Haha!  I laughed so hard at this spectacle.  It was too funny.  And too horribly filled with truth. 🙂  I also enjoyed how many people brought their pooches along to join in the main event.  I have many photographs of these adorable dogs dressed in fancy garb.

Another one of my favorite golf carts and interpretations was a golf cart dressed as an airplane.  It was meant to be the plane that landed on the Hudson river.  A few people walked beside and acted as if they were pushing the wings of the plane as the golf cart drove along.  Somebody’s grandfather was playing the role of the pilot and I fell in love with this photograph they took.  Naturally, I was so involved in photographing that I missed who the winner of the whole shebang was!! Oh, well…. they were all winners in my book!  Haha no but seriously speaking now, I intend to partake and design a golf cart in theme next year so that Rush can enjoy being a part of the parade.  Should be fun!  Anyways, hope you have as much fun viewing these photographs as I did watching the parade!

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