Alas, Some Algae in the Atmosphere :)

     These photographs were taken while I escaped during naptime to roam around the island.  After photographing at the Marina for about an hour, I headed out to my parents’ lot where they have a dock.  This little piece of property is a gem because it sits on a channel (well, it’s probably not a channel but I have no idea what this body of water is called… but it flows through the island and feeds into the ocean).  I loved photographing all of the bridges and docks that boarder the water.  I feel like I’m in Venice or something whenever I go there.  It is a tad more peaceful, however.

After photographing things surrounding and amongst our property, I hopped in my golf cart and headed home.  While on my way home, I spotted a family pulled off the road and parked next to something that made them want to get out and view.  They were looking into one of the lagoons on the Ocean Creek golf course… at least, I think it was Ocean Creek.  The other golf course is called Ocean Point and I find that rather confusing.  Anyways, the point is, this family was looking at an alligator positioned right at the bank.  I grabbed my camera and attempted to take photographs.  Although the alligator was a willing and cooperative subject, I wasn’t able to take that great of a picture.  Alligators scare the piss out of me and this one was definitely watching me.  Plus, only his head stuck out of the water and I wasn’t about to get too near that big of an alligator.  I ain’t THAT brave!


     As I looked around I found myself drawn to the green algae that clung to the water.  The algae was beautiful because you could see the water’s movement on the surface as the green swirled and moved with it.  I was mesmerized!  I was also entranced by the reflections on the green spectacle.  As those of you probably know by now, I’m kind of obsessed with photographing reflections and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to snap some unique shots of green tinted reflections.  I hardly touched these photographs, so what I took is pretty much what you get.  It was an awesome day for algae and an awesome day for architecture.  Lastly, I photographed some fenced views, taken on the main drag to the marina, obstructing the beautiful views of the water and all the docks and boats aligning it. Hope you enjoy!



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