Life on the Marina and Views of the Boathouse


     One of my favorite spots on Fripp Island is the Marina.  Obviously, this is the spot where people dock and store their boats, get bait for fishing and get gas for their vehicles.  There are breathtaking views for atop the boathouse, but it isn’t open until dinner time (best seafood dinner place ever!) so I walked around the docks instead.  I brought my zoom lens with me this time so I was able to capture more intimate views than the ones I’ve posted… although, I did have it for the parade… but couldn’t wait to photograph the beautiful nature surrounding me.  Now, for those of you reading this blog, if you have never laid eyes on marshlands than you have missed out.  It may be a muggy, mosquito-infested environment but it is well worth smelling like bug spray because the views are spectacular. 🙂


     I took hundreds of photographs and so, I narrowed them down to the ones I was most drawn to.  I photographed a variety of subjects, but my favorite subject was the underbelly of the Boathouse.  I find the process of nature and the ocean fascinating and fell in love with the barnacles clinging to the wooden posts supporting the Boathouse.  I am a huge fan of architecture and so, I also photographed many of the wooden beams as well.  I just love how the sea, with all its properties, is allowing these foreign posts to rest in its body, but not without a price.  I love how the sea is attempting to decompose and breakdown the wooden posts as creatures and life begin thriving of its form.  Anyways, I wish I was more of a scientist so that I could better explain and better enhance the reading of these photographs but I think most get the picture so I’ll move on. 😉


     Within this set of photographs as well is a series of boats roped to the dock and their reflections upon the water.  I took these photographs in the late afternoon and the colors were incredibly vivid.  It was hard to cut these photographs down, but, after spending many hours editing, I decided to only include the very best of the best (or what I perceive to be the best). I know I looked strange to those on the dock because I was photographing pools of water as it was in the process of drying on the wooden beams.  Haha but I had a great hour here and I hope you will please leave comments and let me know what you think and which photographs you are drawn to the most… seriously, I need comments and feedback! Until the next post…



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