Rush and I Explore the Marshland

     These are photographs I took as Rush and I walked around one of my favorite remote spots on the island.  I’m not sure of the exact identity of this spot… I only know that my cousin Katie and I used to ride our bikes over this bridge across the moss and I have had nightmares about it ever since.  Haha only kidding.  Actually, no.  I was really serious… recurring dreams I tell you!  Most people think they forget dreams if they don’t write them down.  I, however, am a freak of nature and literally have a memory like an elephant.  My friend Annie Lloyd recently once said to me, (after a few you years out of touch), “Polly, remind me not to get really drunk around you because you remember everything.”  And it is true… it is thus a blessing, but greatly a curse as well.

      Anyways, I have this dream where I’m forced to walk a really REALLY long way across an unsteady wooden boardwalk that stretches across marshlands and wetlands filled with alligators.  Ok, so the alligator part comes from another recurring dream I’ve had since a child where I drown because an alligator attacks our rustic wooden boat sitting on the banks of our lagoon (that resides on a golf course).  Anyways, I am really scared of alligators.  But, I am pretty sure that is normal… Except I’ve always thought they were gonna wind up causing my death one day if I wasn’t careful enough. Ha.  But back to the DREAM (what dreams may come), I have this dream where I am forced to walk a long boardwalk because there is no other way home… and these photographs are from the boardwalk I have, for as long as I can remember, been frightened of; but only because this was the only dream I’ve ever actually died in.  I DIE in the dream (the lagoon dream 🙂 )!  Anyways, as I’m traveling across this boardwalk, the wooden planks somehow become unsteady as alligators begin creeping beside me.  I always run (a really really long green swampy way) and a red Camaro always saves me and takes me to a white, vine-infested trellis.  And then I think my ten minutes of lucid dreaming is up because that is all I can ever remember. 🙂

Ok, well the point is… Oh, the point you say?! The point is these photographs are from a drive Rush and I took around the island in a golf cart.  I brought my camera along because I knew I wanted to take Rush to this bridge.  Partially, because it scares me.  And, I’d like to challenge my stupid fears.  It was a blast and please make comments on any photographs you are drawn to… 🙂

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