Come on in… the Water is Fine!

Come on in: Take a walk around the sand and reflective views upon the ocean’s surface:

     These are some more photographs taken on the beach at Fripp one day. I started out wanting to photograph the plant life and animal life that exists within this beachy environment.  However, as I began my walk, I couldn’t help but notice all the different patterns and designs imprinted into the sand via the ocean and its natural processes.  The first photograph I feel compelled to write a little blurb about is of the sand and all of the glistening sediments contained within it.  This photograph was taken as I walked away from the dry, powdered sand (which literally burned my feet… gave me blisters it was so hot!) and towards the wet, compact sand that resides within reach of the ocean’s powerful waves.  I found this spot beautiful and had to take a picture.

     Another image I loved involved more wet sand, but this time the pattern that appeared made the sand look as if it were “tie-dyed.”  The patterns created also reminded me of fireworks… perhaps I had the fourth of July on my mind. 🙂 Additionally, it reminded me of those sand gardens you play with as a child… the ones where you can rake the sand and create interesting patterns.  Well, that and also marble painting or that gadget that spins around so that when you squirt tubey paint on it, it splatters onto the paper below.  This would make a cool photograph in any beachy home I think because it is design-like in form and yet, I didn’t create the pattern.  I found it!  I hope you all enjoy the multiple patterns I found within the sand.  Pretty, pretty please leave comments and let me know which one is your favorite!!!

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