Kenny and Rachel Tie the Knot: Take I :)

Introducing you to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Norsworthy!!!!!!!!!!

     Kenny and Rachel’s wedding was an absolute blast!  The wedding and reception took place at this gorgeous brick building called the Davenport in downtown Greer, South Carolina.  The tables and room were decorated with Sunflowers, with table arrangements consisting of beautiful sunflowers set in glass vases filled with brown marbles.  There was also a plethora of Kenny and Rachel confetti sprinkled upon every white table cloth… circles cut out with pictures of Kenny and Rachel stamped upon them.

    Rachel made one absolutely beautiful bride!  Seriously!  Her dress was very Marilyn Monroe.  It was elegant and classy.  Kenny’s sister apparently styled Rachel’s hair and I thought it looked fabulous so I took a multitude of pictures of it.  The actually wedding ceremony lasted about 5 minutes (if that) and, to me, that is the perfect ceremony.  I had trouble capturing many photographs of the ceremony because I was seated so far away, but I was glad that I had my zoom lens… I managed to snag a few photographs here and there but the room was small and filled with loved ones, so it was difficult to grab the “perfect” image.  I should have sat on the aisle because I couldn’t snap the picture fast enough before the subject was out of my sight.  It was still fun to try though!

     Right after they were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Norsworthy, the bride and groom and the rest of the wedding party stood outside before returning to the guests.  There were sheer white curtains blocking my view of them, but I was glad because I thought this a great opportunity to snag a couple photographs of them through the fabric.  The fabric added a touch of elegance and artsiness to my wedding photography shots.  I love photographing weddings because I feel as if I’m people watching through my lens… well, and object watching too.  I wish I could have taken more photographs of the ceremony but that is my only regret… my husband made me put my camera down during the reception so I have one more set of photographs to blog about and that is it.  Hope you enjoy Kenny and Rachel’s wedding.  Please leave me some comments… all you have to do is enter your email address and fill out the comment blank! 🙂

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