Norsworthy/Crow Wedding Shenanigans: Take II

And now… it’s finally time to cut the cake!


     And now, for a lil blurb about the second half of these photographs.  This was when the wedding went from a wedding and turned into a party.  I don’t really want to spend too much time discussing these photographs because many of them are self-explanitory.  However, I do wish to say a lil somethin somethin about my favorite.  One of Kenny’s friends named Brian (who is my friend also but I haven’t seen him in a really really REALLY long time…. and that is a shame because he is one of the best people around town these days) graciously posed for me… haha maybe not graciously… but made a great face for me at least!   Anyways, if you know this kid, he is always grooving to the music.  Seriously, this guy has some seriously serious rhythm.  I caught him at one point dancing but, since I only had my zoom lens with me and didn’t want to walk to the car to get my other lens, it was hard to tell someone who has been drinking that they need to stand far away from me in order to take a good photograph (I tried to take many photographs of Kenny and Rachel’s peeps but they were too close to the camera) … haha!  I think this photograph is too awesome. 🙂



     The last photograph I wish to give attention to is of the sparklers at the end of the night.  I walked from this cold, air conditioned room and into the outdoors, where it was hot with summer heat and incredibly muggy after a sporadic rainstorm.  My lens quickly fogged up, and I took a couple of photographs at first without realizing this.  Fortunately for me, I enjoyed the effect of the fogged lens probably more than the average professional photographer.  I know I am weird or whatever but I enjoy working with mistakes because they bring about effects that I possibly would have never thought of.  So, this image is not one that is full of clarity, but definitely has an expressive quality to it that alludes to the hazy mindset of most around me.  Hope you had fun in Jamaica, Kenny and Rachel!  I’m very jealous!  Hope you drank plenty of rum too… BUT WHY IS ALL THE RUM GONE?!!!! (and I hope you said that frequently while you were there… because you know I did… well, that and I also quoted Dave Chapelle a lot… I’m Ricky James bitch!!!).  Love y’all and thanks for a fantastic Friday wedding experience in Greer.  Yeah, Greer Idol (they were having Greer Idol in the street while the wedding reception was going on 😉 )!!!

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