Bubble Bath Bloggy Blog Boast :)

    I have a new found love… Adobe PhotoShop LightRoom!!!!

    A Zen Bubble Bath Moment. Polly Nance. PhotoShop digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches. 

     Thanks to Lyndi Simms, I have discovered a new software for manipulating photographs… LIGHTROOM!  I love Adobe PhotoShop and all, but I was thrilled to hear about the advantages with using LightRoom.  It is way more complicated than iPhoto, but simpler than PhotoShop because you don’t use layers.  AND there are presets for filters, etc. (antique, sepia, black and white) you can use.  If you need to use PhotoShop for something a bit more complicated, the software allows you to open the photograph in PhotoShop and then when you are done editing, it will export it right back into LightRoom.  Pretty sweet, sweet.  🙂 The greatest thing about LightRoom, however, is that unlike PhotoShop you can select multiple photos at once and apply these presets (or ones that you custom create) to all of the photographs you want and also have a way to file them.  Whenever I first started using PhotoShop and posting on this blog, I was frustrated because I couldn’t figure out how to organize my albums.  I was used to iPhoto, which is more user friendly and allows you to organize and edit all in one program.  LightRoom goes above and beyond PhotoShop so… thank you, LYNDI, for teaching me about this incredible tool. Im still a total AMATEUR so I need all the advice and knowledge people feel compelled to throw in my direction.  LightRoom saves me a lot of headache!  Plus, I have Lyndi to go to with questions… sorry Lyndi!  OH, and sorry Lyndi for mentioning you in my blog.  I wonder how many more times I can say LYNDI to embarrass her in this blog.  Only joking. muahhhhh ha ha ha ha.  (SIDE NOTE: I often wish it was socially acceptable to break out into the Count’s, from Sesame Street, voice every now and then… a ONE. ahh ahh ahh ahhh!  A TWO ahh ahh ahh ahh.)  Anyways… I digress from the point of this post. 🙂

I Think It Would Be a Fantastic Idea to Put Bubbles on Tunder’s Head. Polly Nance. PhotoShop digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

     I took these photographs of my son and daughter, Rush and Lennon, playing in the bathtub… I feel as if every parent feels an urge to paste “bath-time” moments into their kids’ baby books and well, on this very day the other day I did also.  I have images of Rush’s first bath and of course Lennon’s first bath (well I might not of… hmmm bad mommy… although, in my defense, she came home from the hospital 6 weeks early wearing a heart/breathing monitor so I was a tad nervous she was going to quick breathing on me ALWAYS… and she definitely did a couple times… I’m mentioning this because I need to create a series of photographs that are based out of nostalgia, yet show Lennon’s strength and adventure for life because that girl is one survivor and I am not exactly sure how she’s related to me… well, I do know haha but I am not a very brave person at all… highly anxious and a perfectionists that over-thinks… unless under the influence of alcohol. ahh ahh ahh ahh!  I mean… I was just kidding 🙂 Ha I’m a total freak (used here as a term of endearment) and a weirdo… “what the hell am I doing here… I don’t belong here”!  Ok, well obviously I’m in a humorous mood today so I’ll restrain myself and move forward with the point once again: these photographs and LightRoom! 🙂

     So…. as I was saying, I took these photographs while Rush and Lennon were playing in a bubble bath.  They were just being too cute to not take any photographs.  I decided to utilize these photographs as a way to experiment with the program and get to know it better.  I felt much freer using this software… it doesn’t actually alter your photographs… you can export the changes you make in jpeg once you are satisfied.  I feel less likely to screw up in other words.  As I was reviewing them afterwards, I came across a recurring theme… EYE LASHES.  Eye Lashes, therefore, definitely became my punctum (Roland Barthes’ Camera Lucida) and inspiration for taking and selecting the photographic compositions that I did.  The photograph a the top of this post probed me to manipulate it in a Sally Mann-like fashion.  I then started finding other photographs that reminded me of her and so, I tried to play around in her style… although this is quite a feat considering she doesn’t work in digital and works with vintage, 19th century cameras that require glass negatives and crazy chemicals that are illegal and controlled these days… I WISH I could be that cool.  But I feel like I can still be a mother to my children with my digital camera… although, it does sometimes cause me to be at a distance from them at times… I tend to get into the zone very easily if I spot something I desire to photograph.

     There was this one moment where Rush refused to listen to my warnings and decided to dunk his head in the soapy water (he wants to learn how to swim so badly!).  I told him it would make his eyes sting and, sure enough, it did.  He thought the soapy water was hilarious on his face and wanted me to take a picture of him but I knew that, in any second, he would begin crying… and I photographed both of these moments.  If you read my blog posts about the photography project I did of Lennon, I attempted many compositions in a Mann style… Damaged Child was one I specifically focused on because it demonstrated a very powerful interpretation of a moment every mother experiences… when their children get sick or hurt.  However, I took this photograph with Mann in mind but I also can’t help but have Catherine Opie’s influence tangled in my subconscious as well. Opie’s photographs are colorful, yet more ambiguous and more blatant rather than haunting like Mann’s works.  This photograph is what I feel to be a combination of the two styles, yet it reads more like a Mann photograph.  I hope you enjoy the rest of these photographs that I played around with… some in color and some in black and white.  I tried to make some even feel vintage, which seems appropriate since vintage photo app photographs are frequently posted on facebook.  Please feel free to leave any and all comments… good or bad (but constructive criticism please!) because I need all the feedback I can get.  Thank you and signing off until the next post. 🙂

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