Batman and Lennons

Is This What I am Teaching My Son? Polly Nance. PhotoShop digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

     This is another study with Lightroom and I took these photographs with portraiture in mind.  I prefer to work with the term “portrait” loosely because, although these photographs are close up shots of Rush and Lennon, they are not what most would consider to be a portrait.  To me, these photographs have more truth to them than others I’ve taken because they seem to describe my children accurately at this point in their lives.  Rush is obsessed with Batman and always asks to put on his Batman costume (and he used to ask us to be Robin and Superman, but he has since given that up because my husband and I don’t exactly fit into his kiddie costumes…  but we tried!).  I love this one image I took of him wearing his Batman costume that reminds me of some of those I took in my previous post… Bubble Bath Bloggy Blog Boast.  My children both have these beautiful, long eyelashes (which they got from their daddy) and I am so jealous because mine are almost non-existant.  Anyways, I was able to crop and manipulate this image to create a more powerful photograph through the help of Lightroom.  I love his eye because (to me)  it is very striking and highly contrasts the blues in the costume.  I attempted to use and experiment with the presets in Lightroom this time… but I think I do better on my own so maybe I need to start saving my customized presets.  I used presets in all of these photographs, but I altered and added masks to them each time.

      My husband is going to be embarrassed of this next photograph I wish to discuss, but it is beautiful and humorous all in one glorious package.  And I had to reveal it to the blogging world.  I am horrible and have forgotten the name of that photographer whose image is iconic… I think it is of a Chinese woman surrounded by darkness with her face flooded in light (I know that is horrible but hopefully you know who I’m talking about… perhaps I’ll post an image later for comparison but, for now, you will have to work from memory if you wish to compare… unless you like to google 🙂 ).  My husband had a difficult time making a serious face so I can feel his smile about to break his thoughtful pose in this photograph.  It cracks me up! Haha!  Additionally, I felt compelled to render his face in a half sculptural, half realistic form.  I find myself conflicted somewhat about photography in terms of it replacing painting, etc… but I also love it for that reason because I feel as if (via Lightroom and PhotoShop) I can speak conceptually with immediate results and without having to clean up.  Perhaps photography loses its charm through digital reproduction, but I don’t have time on my side like I used to, so I prefer this medium.  Anyways, the point I’m trying to make is this photograph plays with light and while also referencing other types of artistic mediums like sculpture… I call it my contemporary photographic sculpture… since, well, every photograph is manipulated in some for or another and if it isn’t well, the people are still probably posed and the camera operator still chose the angle he or she did to take the photograph from.  I’ll leave you to your thinking and move on. 🙂

     Basically, these photographs are split into two different experiments: overexposure and underexposure.  Some of these photographs looked better to me when I lightened them to an extreme rather than darkened.  In this photograph, I exposed the image dramatically, but without losing form.  Her T-shirt blends into the white background but her head remains pronounced and distinct.  My daughter Lennon is obsessed with dressing up and putting hats on and sunglasses on.  In this photograph she is wearing these pink sparkly sunglasses, which she was extremely proud to sport.  I captured this moment and attempted to render her like a rockstar… her name is Lennon after all and she was named after the late great John Lennon.  I love the reflections in her sunglasses and find them to be a compelling component to each of these images. You can almost make out myself snapping this photograph, which enhances the reading of this image for it creates an even greater truth to what and who Lennon is at 18 months old.  I don’t know how I lived without Lightroom for so long… I have been terrible missing out all of this time! 🙂  Thank you and please leave feedback if you feel compelled to do so!

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7 thoughts on “Batman and Lennons

  1. Very good and I laughed out loud!!! I can only see 4 of them on my IPhone. Will have to look on my computer when I get home.

  2. Sweet photos. Love the tiny super heroes! The debate over digital photography and film photography is an interesting. Although the argument can be made that the artistry and craftsmanship of the photo medium is lost once you go digital I but both are valid approaches to me. I’m enjoying your photos, keep it up!

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