An Array of Dolphins and Reflections Upon Aquarium Water

Scuba-Steve Takes a Dive in the Georgia Aquarium. Polly Nance. PhotoShop digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

     My son loves the Georgia Aquarium… wants to know everything about everything and has to see every single little fish.  The last time I took him to the aquarium, I found myself shooting the reflections I noticed on the acrylic walls of each tank.  I love how these fish are such a spectacle; everyone has their camera out like a tourist… even myself and this is probably my 10th time to ever step foot in the Georgia aquarium.  However, everything in that building glows and I find the whole architectural structure to be reflective of the water it contains.  In other words, I find the place extremely mesmerizing.  I divided these photographs into two posts because there were too many of sea creatures and people to post all at once.  My brand-spankin’ new baby niece, Adeline, came into town this week so that is why we ventured here in the first place.  The photograph on the right is of an older woman watching her grandchildren look at all the beautiful fish.  This was the tank that contained all the Doras from Disney’s Finding Nemo movie.  I think this is quite possibly every little kid’s favorite tank and, right when you turn the corner, a bunch of Nemos are swimming around in their own tank. A definite kid favorite.

     These first set of photographs are mainly of water and reflections, although some do contain people.  There are dolphin statues positioned outside the building that also caught my eye, so I included some of these photographs in this set as well.  Each dolphin statue is decorated with a different theme… there are Super-Hero dolphins and mosaic glass tile dolphins… quite an array!  My son loved these as well.  I photographed this one moment I had with a rod iron gate and a dolphin statue.  I know you can’t see the dolphin as well as I’d have liked, but I still thought it made for an interesting composition.  The gate appears to reference keys to a piano and I thought it would make an excellent screen to shoot the dolphin through.  I also played around with other ideas in Lightroom so the rest you will see are me, once again, experimenting.  The only problem I have with the aquarium is how expensive it is and how you can’t see the dolphins (which they just added) unless you pay extra to view the dolphin show which is terribly cheesy. 🙂

     The last photograph I wish to comment about is one I took of my daughter’s reflection, while she gazed into the river otter tank.  Otters are so cute, but I found it almost impossible to capture an image of them because they were swimming around so fast and playing so hard.  This was a moment I definitely could’ve used my telephoto zoom lens.  Oh, well… Lennon is headless in this image, but I love how you can make out her shoes.  She was sitting in a stroller, which she did not wish to be sitting in but she is at a difficult age.  After we returned home, I looked back at the photographs I took and thought this one reminded me of something I could turn into a tie-dyed composition (similar to my previous posts where I playing around with PhotoShop).  I decided to move forward and experiment in hopes of creating a whacky and colorful composition.  I hope you will enjoy the rest of these photographs and please leave any and all feedback… I love feedback! I need feedback! Ha!


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8 thoughts on “An Array of Dolphins and Reflections Upon Aquarium Water

  1. I enjoyed the dolphin statue behind the *wrought iron fence, but would have enjoyed it more if the base of the fence had been straight with the bottom of the photo. Too bad it costs so much to go back in and redo, eh?

    Thanks for liking my latest post! My photo was full of errors, but I was just dancing in the rain and did NOT care. 🙂

    Reflections are difficult; aren’t they a fun challenge! Love photoShop!

    • Thank you for your feedback! I greatly appreciate it :). Need to correct my spelling to wrought… Knew it wasn’t right when I typed it and forgot to look it up :). I might try to straighten the photograph… Might work but the good thing is, if I do wish to retake the photo, it is outside the aquarium so that shot is free! I loved your photograph… Errors make for far more interesting compositions… 🙂

  2. The Nemo fish are our favorite, too. And otters are so very fast, aren’t they? I love the reflections shots. It’s like telling two stories at once.

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