This is Why I Love Disc Golf… :)

Ken Climo (12 x world champion) Flinging the Hell out of a Disc at Night! Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

The last night of our USDGC experience could not have concluded our trip more perfectly. Tracey (Ricky’s twin sister) and I wanted to go downstairs and throw discs. I had recently purchased a disc at the store they set up in the hotel lobby for the player’s party. I love that freakin disc! I just love the way it feels… the only disc golf I’ve ever played is putting in my backyard, while my husband practices. After watching that last round of the tournament, I couldn’t wait to test out my new disc. Tracey was dying to learn, so we all headed downstairs. We played around for awhile. I was in the zone and didn’t notice the others that had recently joined the group. All of a sudden, my husband comes up to me and says, hey there is Avery Jenkins and Big Jerm… Say what?!! I didn’t really know who these guys were until I saw them throw freaking discs across the freaking lake. And then my husband told me all about them. I quickly grew shy and just stood back… and observed. These guys are ridiculous… I felt like I was hanging out with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. And then, Ken Climo walks over… now, I did know enough to know who he was! I’ve watched so many disc golf dvds that I grew to love theses dudes… They call Climo “the Champ.” They are so crazy to watch. And so graceful! I could not believe my own eyes as I sat there in awe for a moment. I had to go get my camera. So I did… and, good thing I did because David Feldberg and Kenny Glassman showed up as well. I knew my husband was absolutely loving it, and I had to document him hanging out with his heroes… which, have become my heroes as well.

These professional athletes could not have been more down to earth nor cooler. Jeremy Koling was doing all kinds of crazy tricks and throws that I had never seen before… I’m used to watching amateurs play… I’ve never seen the pros play before this tournament. I’m so glad I was taught how to operate my camera manually because no way would these dudes have let me use a flash all night. BLINDING. Thank god. My husband asked Fledberg a question about how he throws a disc, and this, soon turned into a free, private lesson by one of the top ten disc golfers in the world. It was so crazy insane cool. Feldberg was a great teacher; and what a great guy to help an amateur out so much. That is why I love disc golf. There is so much heart in the sport. Next thing you know, Feldberg wants Ricky to dance with him… those were his words. dance. with. me. He wanted Ricky to truly understand the footwork and art of the sport. And then, he asked for someone to grab his umbrella so that Ricky could learn to throw it straight. Ken Climo joined in the lesson… I knew my husband wanted to turn around and call a Zack-Morris-Time-Out, so that he could jump up and down and make sure we were witnessing this. Haha! I love these photographs because it is hard to capture clear photographs at night without a flash. I thought the blurriness of the forms created an ethereal sense to the photographs… because that is how I was absorbing the moment. I felt like I was dreaming. When I awoke the next morning, I had to check my camera to make sure I hadn’t been dreaming. But I wasn’t… and I am so glad I documented. 🙂

Ken Climo Playing Some Game That Involves Throwing Two Discs at Once. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

Explaining the Skills to Throw a Disc Better. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

Big Jerm (Jeremy Koling) Throwing Over Baby Adeline. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

What Did You Do Last Night? Oh, You Know, Just Hung Out with Ken Climo and Drank Beers all Night. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

Big Jerm Demonstrating the Chicken Wing… Although, It is Not Officially Called the Chicken Wing. 🙂 Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

Big Jerm Pulling Out All the Cool Tricks. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

Can I Ask You a Question, Mr. DAVID FELDBERG? Turned into a Private Disc Golf Lesson. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

Good Ole Dave and Some Good Ole Disc Lessons. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 10 x 8 inches.

Dance with Me. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

The Feldberg Footwork Demonstration. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

Feldberg Watching Ricky’s Learning. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

Correcting the Form. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

Watch Your Feet. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

Think of It More Like a Pulling Motion. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

Hey Kenny, Go Get My Umbrella So That Ricky Can Learn to Throw Straight…. and Then Climo Jumped In. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

Star-Struck and Loving It. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

FELDBERG Throwing MY DISC as Hard As He Could at a Basket… I Should’ve Asked Him to Sign It. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.




20 thoughts on “This is Why I Love Disc Golf… :)

    • Thank you! I love night photography for its ability to show movement… you never know how the photographs will turn out… but they always seem to teach me something about photography. Thanks so much for the feedback 🙂

    • Haha yeah, we had an absolute blast! I will remember that week forever… memories to last a lifetime. Thanks so much for the feedback… now, go tell all your friends about disc golf and go play! Haha… this sport needs to grow more. It is way too much fun to play and/ or watch!

    • It was an incredible experience indeed… I knew I liked disc golf but I didn’t know I would grow to LOVE disc golf… I used to hate watching sports… but not this one! We met so many great people from all over the country and world… it was so cool! Next year, the USDGC will only be open to professionals, but I’ll be there anyways with my camera in hand. Thanks so much for your interest in how my husband was doing… he learned a lot and was made into a better golfer via this tournament 🙂 Spread the word about disc golf to all your friends… this sport needs to grow!

    • Well, go find a course near you and go play!!! It’s fun… but also frustrating so go with someone who knows what they are doing if you can. Hehe. Thanks for staying tuned and for your kind feedback. It is much appreciated, as always. 🙂

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  2. Great “photo story”. Having disc golf translated into your pictures puts a great “spin” (!!!) on it – has me paying attention to something I might never have looked at before. And I love the action shots!

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  4. Very nice post, Polly. I am curious, being a hard core disc golfer myself, about how Dave showed your husband how to throw a disc straight using an umbrella as a teaching tool. Could you ask your husband how that works and then get back to me? I know it’s been a while since this happened. You can just post a reply to my post. Thanks, Mike Maness

    • It was actually Ken Climo! He stood sideways and released the golf club with his right arm (same angle he was standing). He kept his body still and just swung his arm. Helps correct your wrist angle (I know it’s a different motion than throwing a disc) but he said it would help lol. Hope this helps you! I asked my husband and this was what he said. Please don’t hesitate to ask more questions if this is still confusing 🙂

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