Fallen Bliss

Delicate Light Over One that Has Fallen. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

These photographs were shot last week on a cool, fall day. Although they looked beautiful in color, I fell in love with their black and white appearance the minute I altered them. I felt as if the black and white revealed the emotional essence of fall… the seasonal phase where leaves fall to the ground, becoming shriveled and lifeless. It is a rich and colorful spectacle, but I wanted to capture the moment where the leaves are on the verge of turning brittle. They still have their color, but it is slowly fading as the leaves become more and more depleted of water. I recently got a new fancy camera that has taken me some time to get the hang of… but, I think these images turned out alright. I am not used its weight in my hands because my Rebel was so light in comparison. However, I’m absolutely amazed at what this camera has the ability to do and I cannot wait to experiment more. Hope you enjoy these photographs! šŸ™‚

A Desert of Crispy Veins. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

Gorgeous Fall Tree Peelings. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

A Fallen Heart. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

The Zoomed Details Resemble Rotting Flesh. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 10 x 8 inches.

A Little Pot Has Joined the Fallen. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

Tilted Tree Lines. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

Follow the Textured Road. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

Bokeh Blurs on a Fall Day. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

The Algae-Spangled Tree in Black and White. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.Ā 

A Cozy-Crisp Nestling Place. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 8 x 10 inches.

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45 thoughts on “Fallen Bliss

  1. Yes, there are times when the seen must be rendered in black and white, and your images are more exciting in the contrasts of b & w. Well done. Serendipitously, my post at this week will be about monochromatic works. Hope that you get to see it, Sally

  2. These photos look amazing in black and white! The detail of the lines in the leaf, tree and surrounding objects brings it a different life of its own. Great set!

  3. Howdy Polly –

    I think B/W was the better choice for these photos. Personally, I like the leaf photos the best in this series. Maybe I’m wrong but looking at these photos and then imagining them in color, I can see how it might be more difficult to show the artistry in photography with B/W images like these.

    Good Job !

  4. Hi Polly – Great photos and you have absolutely caught the essence of fall and the last of the leaves! B&W was a good choice. Here is a useful Google tip, which you might know or might not, for viewing other people’s blogs from other countries, which not too many people have picked up on yet – In the first comment on this post, http://mkosicki.wordpress.com/ asked you to go to his site to look at his photographs, but indicated that you probably wouldn’t be able to read it because he is Polish and it is in his language! Well, that isn’t exactly correct. You can read it in English by:

    a) Clicking on his website
    b) Copy his URL and paste it into the Google Search box
    c) When you press return you will get a Google list with his site on it
    d) This is the smart part – Click on the blue ‘Translate this Page’
    e) The website will come up in English! Just like magic!

    The same happens for other countries if they do the same from their language to English!



  5. These photos are amazing!!! I really love the first one…the textures and intimacy of it. I also like, “Fallen Heart”, as we read so much into the image, even though it is quite simple…

  6. aloha Polly Hoyt Nance – i think by removing the color you’ve enhanced and placed more focus on the texture. i like texture a lot altho i often forget how much i like it. bringing that out… is way cool. aloha.

  7. Excellent mono photos, Polly – especially those of leaves. OK >>> here’s the question – so what new camera have you got??? If its heavy its probably heavy on excellence too >>> I’m putting my money on a high end Canon – am I right? Adrian

    • Why thank you! I got a Canon 7d… And I love it although I am still getting used to it. It takes great photographs and can do great things. It’s fairly simple to learn if you already know Canon cameras. I wanted the 5d mark II but it was a lil too pricey for me and I found a good deal on the 7d. You should definitely invest in one tho šŸ™‚ worth the money I say.

      • No thanks >>> I’m a confirmed Nikon Man, F6 and D700 >>> tho I do have an excellent Canon PowerShot G11 that never ceases to amaze me with the types and quality of photos that it can produce – and I simply >>>LOVE its fully articulated screen – terrifically neat! Adrian

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you agree with my choices… there is something about graveyards that screams grayscale… but, I felt compelled to leave the plastic flower photo in color to end the series with. Thanks again for stopping by and for the feedback! šŸ™‚

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